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Good Ole Boy: Exhibition at the Altlanta Contemporary Art Center
"This survey of paintings by Mike Howard examines some of the artist's consistent themes, including hunting and fishing, food, art, and popular culture."
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"Mike Howard's Paintings" by Joe Fyfe
"Early in the conversation at Mike Howard's studio one is informed that Howard is from an Alabama cotton mill town and that he left there to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps. Howard was drawn to New York City by the lure of art. He shares with many American artists, as distinguished from Europeans, an experience of art as a way out from a barren cultural existence."
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What Become of Mike Howard
"...Over the past two years, Howard has returned to large canvasses, focusing intensely on painting sensational death scenes - murders, overdoses, assassinations and violent accidents. As he puts it, 'I am capturing contemporary tragedy in the tradition of Manet, Goya, Delacroix and Gericault. My inclinations are similar to Romanticism in nineteenth-century France and pre-1954 Phenix City, Alabama.' "
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Phenix City, Alabama
Mike Howard grew up across the street from the local gambling and juke joints in Phenix City , Alabama. In 1954 Mike was 10 years old.
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Mike Howard's Resume


Rutgers University, MFA, 1974
Columbus College, BS Art Ed., 1972
University of Georgia, 1968-1971 
Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, NYC, 1969-1971


New Jersey State Arts Council Grant
National and International Studio Program, PS 1, 1983-1985
Pollock Krasner Grant
Adolph Gottlieb Grant
New York Arts & Letters


2012 - Yalo Studio and Gallery , Water Valley , Miss.
2012 - Outside , Cohen Gallery .Reading ,Pa.
2011 - Good Ole Boy , Atlanta Contemporary Art Center . Atlanta, Ga.
2011 - Crossing the Bridge , Columbus State University , Corn Center o f Visual Arts .Columbus ,Ga.
2009 - Autographed Baseball Paintings, with Gracie Mansion on ARTNET
2007 - Mike Howard on Orchard Street, NYC
1993 - Present - Museum of Ordinary People, year round exhibit, Hurtsboro, Ala.
1993 - Jason Rubell Gallery, Miami, Fla.
1991 - Baby Doll Lounge, Installation, NYC
1987 - Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC
Rutgers University, Mason Gross Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ
1986 - Eliat Gordon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1985 - Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC
Malinda Wyatt Gallery, NYC
1984 - Hall Walls Museum, Buffalo, NY
1981 - Concord Gallery, NYC
1980 - Virginia Commonwealth University Museum, Richmond, VA
1975 - Michael Walls Gallery, NYC
1973 - Whitney Museum Art Resource Center, NYC
1971 - Whitney Museum Art Resource Center, NYC


2010 - Rupert Ravens Contemporary ,Newark, NJ
2008 - Rupert Ravens Contemporary , newark , NJ
Hebrew Museum, Maps, NYC
2007 - In Memory of Richard Mock, NYC
Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, New Jersey
2006 - Downtown Show, NY Art Scene 1974-1984, N.Y.U., NYC
1996 - Horodner Romley Gallery, NYC
1993 - Jason Rubell Gallery, Miami FLA
1992 - Horodner Romley Gallery, NYC
Horodner Romley Gallery, NYC
1991 - Rene Fotouhi FIne Art, Hamptons, NY
B4A Gallery, NYC
1990 - Hall Barnett Gallery, New Orleans, La.
Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA
1988 - Little John Smith, NYC
Metropolitan Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Canada
The Betsy Rosenfeld Gallery, Chicago, Ill.
General Electric Corp. Fairfield, CT. Museum of Modern Art Advisory Service, NYC
Franklin Furnace, NYC
Brent Gallery, Houston, TX
1987 - Auburn University, Auburn, Ala & University of Alabama, Birmingham, Ala.
"The Post Alabama Contemporary Artists"
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
1986 - San Francisco Camera Work, San Francisco, CA
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
New Museum, NYC
Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC
San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, CA
Moosart Gallery, Miami, Fla
Phenix City Gallery, NYC
Malinda Wyatt Gallery, NYC
The Queens Museum, NYC
Gannet Company, Inc., NYC, Museum of Modern Art Advisory Service, NYC
Charles Cowles Annex, NYC
1985 - The Clocktower, NYC
Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC
Barbara Farber Gallery, Amsteardam, Netherland
Brentwood Gallery, St. Louis, MO
1984 - The Clocktower, NYC
Red Studio, NYC
PS1, Long Island City, NY
Chicago Art Exposition, Chicago, IL
Ruth Siegel Gallery, NYC
Matthew Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Gracie Mansion Gallery, NYC
Malinda Wyatt Gallery, NYC
1983 - Yves Arman Gallery, NYC
1982 - Concord Gallery
Trenton Museum, Trenton, NJ
Susan Caldwell Gallery, NYC
PS 1, Long Island City, NY
Herron School Of Art, Indianapolis, IN
Mississippi Museum of Modern Art, Jackson, MS
Concord Gallery, NYC
Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, ILL
1979 - Barbara Fendrick Gallery, Washington, DC
1976 - Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
1975 - American Seating Company, Museum of Modern Art Advisory Service, Chicago, ILL.
Trenton Museum, Trenton, NJ
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC
Trenton Museum, Trenton, NJ
1974 - Douglass College, Rutgers Univesity, New Brunswick, NJ
1973 - Whitney Museum Arts Resource Center, NYC
1972 - High Museum, Atlanta, GA
1971 - High Museum, Atlanta, GA


2007 - Orchard Street Vacant Building, NYC
2003 - Chicken Comer Bar B Que, Phenix City, Alabama
1994 - present - Perry Hardware Store, Hurtsboro, Alabama
Museum of Ordinary People. house in Hurtsboro , Alabama
1991 - Baby Doll Lounge, NYC 1991


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